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Agreement on education with the National Autonomous University of Mexico

September 13, 2022 – 10:24 am

The collaboration aims to expand the DB Rail Academy’s educational offerings and train a new generation of rail experts in Mexico and, in the future, throughout Latin America.

Representatives of DB Engineering & Consulting and UNAM sign the treaty for the training of new railroad experts
Representatives of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FES Acatlán, and DB Engineering & Consulting


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The Facultad de Estudios Superiores (FES) Acatlán of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and DB Engineering & Consulting will collaborate to develop and expand rail-related knowledge, making it available to new talents in the country and, in the future, throughout Latin America. Rail development has become a high priority in the region. However, the educational offerings do not yet reflect this shift. For the industry to develop successfully, it will be necessary to have more professional experts and highly educated rail personnel.

Education agreement: orden Rumpff during his speech at the end of August 2022 in Mexico
Gorden Rumpff, Executive Director Mexico at DB Engineering & Consulting, during his speech at the signing ceremony
Education agreement: Representatives of DB Engineering & Consulting and FES Acatlán (UNAM) attend ceremony in Mexico
Dr. Manuel Martínez Justo (left), Director of FES Acatlán

In his speech at the signing of the agreement on August 26, 2022, Gorden Rumpff, DB Engineering & Consulting´s Executive Director Mexico, explained that to this end “with DB´s experience of more than 185 years in the operation of various modes of transport, we will support the society and the UNAM in the professionalization of the transport sector in Mexico through training and adaptation to the future, contributing our expertise and knowledge.” The event was held at the Centro de Estudios Municipales y Metropolitanos de Ciudad de Mexico and attended by a number of distinguished guests representing the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNAM, the successor of the first university in North America, and DB Engineering & Consulting.

International collaboration to foster knowledge transfer

UNAM’s FES Acatlan has become a leading knowledge center in the rail sector in Mexico and throughout Latin America, and today has a solid educational structure and a platform to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. In addition, it will provide the appropriate certification to the participants of the programs on offer.

DB Rail Academy, DB Engineering & Consulting´s international full-service training provider, will offer support with the management and development of the educational programs, the training of faculty, and the definition of academic and practical standards for the development and implementation of a rail-related training concept in Mexico.

This agreement will also be possible thanks to the support of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be responsible for its financing. The ministry shares the same vision, believes in the project, and trusts in its successful implementation because of the strong background and support provided by Deutsche Bahn and UNAM. For DB Engineering & Consulting, the agreement offers the opportunity to transfer its knowledge, expand its expertise and presence in the region, strengthen the DB Rail Academy portfolio and, especially, show its commitment to the development of rail experts and the progress of the rail industry in Latin America.

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