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We uphold high technical and environmental standards for infrastructure projects. Schedules, costs and quality must be balanced individually as part of this process. To achieve a project’s targets, all relevant issues must be considered as a whole. We handle all work related to the engineering and environmental design of traffic routes, stations, depots and terminals, from basic evaluation to construction drawings. This is true in the rail industry, and it is also our practice for metro solutions and port logistics, meaning your project will be in good hands from beginning to end.

Our product groups

Systems Engineering Design

Infrastructure projects are highly complex from a technical and financial perspective. It takes a design underpinned by strong subject-matter expertise to ensure construction work runs smoothly and operations start successfully and on time. To ensure the design meets these requirements, we use the building information modeling (BIM) methodology to create the entire technical design of the electromechanical components in your project, taking into account all requirements of the involved units, infrastructure assets and stakeholders.

Construction Engineering Design

We plan infrastructure projects that challenge us from a technical, scheduling and financial perspective for the benefit of future generations. If you need to build bridges, tunnels, stations, tracks or signaling systems, we will support you through the whole planning process – from basic evaluation to construction drawings. When we provide this kind of support, we always rely on cutting-edge technologies, connect all project participants and meet the specified requirements, using methodologies which include Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Environmental Planning

Sustainability encompasses environmentally friendly transportation as well as taking a low-impact approach to building transportation infrastructure. In today’s world, almost every construction project necessarily includes environmental impact design because railroad installations, open spaces and embankments provide shelter for animal and plant species. Our experts will review the environmental impact and conservation law-related aspects of your projects and align them with the natural environment efficiently and in accordance with the law – which is why it is important to tap into our expertise at an early stage.

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