Management Board

Management Board

Railways for the world of tomorrow – they keep us going. Together with our 5,200 employees, we create sustainable mobility solutions to make railways strong across Germany and around the world. In our role as managers, we have many years of experience and bring our full enthusiasm to each project we take on.

The management board of DB Engineering & Consulting consists of:

Niko Warbanoff

Niko Warbanoff was born in Stuttgart in 1975. He studied industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen. After graduation he worked for Daimler for ten ears, where he gained experience in various management positions across the globe, before starting his career with Deutsche Bahn in 2009. Initially responsible for special tasks for the CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG, Niko Warbanoff joined the Management Board of DB International GmbH in 2010, taking over as Chairman after one year. In 2016, after the merger of DB International GmbH and DB ProjektBau GmbH to create DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, Warbanoff was appointed Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors. He is also responsible for DB International Operations GmbH, which focuses on rail operations and maintenance outside Europe.

Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors
Andreas Wegerif

Born in Cape Town in 1967, Andreas Wegerif graduated in business administration at Osnabrück University. He initially worked as an assistant to the CEO of Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus AG, later moving to KPMG in Berlin as a tax affairs officer. In 1994, he joined the DB Group as a project finance rep and later worked as Regional Manager East and Head of Infrastructure for the German region of DE-Consult (Deutsche Eisenbahn Consulting GmbH). In 2002, Andreas Wegerif was appointed Head of Finance, Controlling and Human Resources at the Region East office of DB Projektbau. In 2008, he was appointed to the Management Board of DB International GmbH as Managing Director for Finance, Controlling and Human Resources. Andreas Wegerif took over as Managing Director of the International Markets and Consulting Division at DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH in March 2017.

International Markets and Consulting
Dr. Ulla Kopp

Born in Tübingen, Dr. Ulla Kopp graduated from Karlsruhe Technical University with a degree in industrial engineering and subsequently completed her doctorate in the field of economics at the University of St. Gallen. Her academic career was followed by six years in various functions at Bertelsmann AG. Ulla Kopp then served as CFO at the University of Witten/Herdecke gGmbH and later at Jahreszeiten Verlag and Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. Since November 2017, she has been part of the Management Board as Managing Director Finance/Controlling at DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH.

Michael Fritz

Michael Fritz was born in Cologne in 1971. He took his first state examination at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn, and the second state examination to qualify as a lawyer in Saarbrücken in 2001. He has been an honorary judge at the 6th and most recently 1st Senate of the Federal Labor Court since 2010. He joined Deutsche Bahn at DB Reise&Touristik AG as a labor law consultant and subsequently gained further experience in various management positions, mainly in the field of labor and employee representation law. From 2010 to 2015, he served as Managing Director of the Employers’ Association of Mobility and Transport Providers. Michael Fritz joined the Board of Managing Directors of DB International GmbH in 2015 and has been the Managing Director for Human Resources at DB Engineering & Consulting since 2016.

Human Resources

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