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Milestone reached for predictive maintenance – thanks to DIANA

June 11, 2020 – 1:05 pm

With an “ECG” on turnouts, DB is now ensuring that more trains are on time. Sensors at 28,000 turnouts throughout Germany report their proper function 24 hours a day. Therefore, failures can be detected and remedied before they even occur.

Predictive Maintenance - DIANA App - diagnosis and analysis platform


Sarah Geißler

Head of
Marketing & Communications
DB Engineering & Consulting
EUREF-Campus 14
Torgauer Strasse 12-15
10829 Berlin

Last year, DB already prevented 3,600 defects and made travelling by train more reliable for passengers. Now, the last of the smart turnouts has been connected in Halle (Saale). That is a milestone for predictive maintenance. DB invested 66 million euros in the new technology.

DIANA, the diagnosis and analysis platform, on which all digital data for the overall picture of the infrastructure condition flow together, was a joint project of DB Engineering and Consulting and infraView, a Mainz-based IT company that has been part of DB Engineering & Consulting since 2018. DIANA offers digital solutions for monitoring, diagnosis and analysis of infrastructure facilities and rolling stock to provide more efficient planning and save costs.

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