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Successful social initiative for students in India

August 12, 2021 – 8:01 am

Together with the international NGO United Way Bengaluru, DB Engineering & Consulting in India is helping students with an engineering & medical background to pursue their academic goals.

 social initiative for students in India

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) helps DB Engineering & Consulting to be socially accountable and conscious of our economic and environmental impact.

Over the years, we have conducted a number of initiatives, such as improving the infrastructure (classrooms), refurbishing the restrooms, providing computers and a projector to a secondary school for underprivileged children in Bangalore, India. Currently, we are conducting a scholarship program for higher education, also in India.

Engineering is a popular, diverse and valuable degree in India. However, those pursuing an engineering degree often need financial assistance to pay for college, especially students from low-income families.  Scholarships play a vital role in funding their education expenses.

DB Engineering and Consulting in India works together with the international NGO United Way Bengaluru to conduct a scholarship program in Karnataka.

The students were interviewed and evaluated based on a score sheet that covered topics such as economic background, extra-curricular activities or future career plans. United Way Bengaluru has identified 15 students who currently cannot pursue their aspirations due to financial constraints. DB Engineering and Consulting in India provides scholarship support for one academic year to help shape the future of these students with both engineering & medical background.

It’s a wonderful approach to assist students in getting their education and support the experts of tomorrow. “We feel gratified to be a part of this initiative. As an organization, we believe in mobilizing the caring power of communities. United Way Bengaluru is grateful to DB Engineering & Consulting for coming forward to support deserving students in pursuing higher studies”, said Rajesh Krishnan, Executive Director of United Way Bengaluru.


Sarah Geißler

Head of
Marketing & Communications
DB Engineering & Consulting
EUREF-Campus 14
10829 Berlin

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