Automotive Logistics Center (ALC) Bremen

A major automobile manufacturer began production of its new series of electric cars in Bremen-Sebaldsbrück. It became necessary for the company to reorganize its procurement logistics and intralogistics. In addition to changes that were made to sourcing processes, significant aspects of the reorganization included reduced availability of logistics space at the Bremen plant.

DB Cargo Logistics GmbH was already operating the Auto Terminal Bremen (ATB) nearby of the car manufacturer since 2012 and provides outbound distribution services for the automobile manufacturer at this logistics location. Furthermore, it planned to expand the space made available by DB for inbound logistics services. This was put into operation in 2021, since when rail logistics services for battery and component transports can be offered to the car manufacturer.

New space for transport, such as parking lots and lanes for trucks, needed to be created for the planned logistics operations to be carried out. At least 50 parking spots for semi-trailers and further traffic areas were required to enable access to the different areas of the site and provide space for unloading incoming trucks. In addition, facilities for securing the site, a place for a charging station for electric trucks and an area for handling damaged vehicles were planned.

For this ALC Bremen project, DB Engineering & Consulting provided design, construction supervision services, and environmental and geo-services (including ground penetrating radar).

Project data

  • 45 ha in total
  • 2 maintenance sheds with approximately 18,000 m² of space in all
  • 1 office building
  • Parking spots
  • Water tower
  • Approximately 15,000 m² of open space
  • 2 loading and unloading sidings
  • Development, construction and operation of a trailer yard
  • Warehousing with SetKom services (pre-assembly, order picking)
    and battery handling
  • Construction and operation of a rail transshipment facility
  • Fire and disaster prevention
  • Explosive ordnance survey
  • Inspection and maintenance

Object-based project data

  • Modernisation of two existing freight tracks of 5 km length
  • Installation of road traffic signalling systems on the site
  • 1.5 km underground cable installation
  • 1 km drainage systems
    • Custom specification: underground rainwater retention basin
  • Renovation of the warehouse and office buildings
    • In particular: roof for charging station
  • Building services
    • Sanitary facilities (sewage, water, gas)
    • Air-conditioning systems
    • Heat supply systems
    • Telecommunications and information technology
  • Fire water tank
  • New construction of facilities for refuelling and refilling service fluid
  • New construction of a storage siding/shed as a trailer yard
  • LED lighting systems
  • Environmental design
    • Wildlife assessment report
  • Geotechnical engineering:
    • Geotechnical investigation
    • Geotechnical consulting
    • Laboratory testing
  • Existing structures and concrete technology:
    • Custom specification: ground penetrating radar
    • Inspection of existing structures
  • Surveying:
    • Pre-construction survey
    • Track geometry testing


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