BIM Electrification Southern Eastern Corridor Marktredwitz–Regensburg (Bavaria)

The electrification of the Marktredwitz–Regensburg line  is part of the project to upgrade the Hof–Marktredwitz–Regensburg–Obertraubling line (Southern Eastern Corridor).

The route acts as a link from Scandinavia and the German seaports via central Germany to Bavaria and Austria. The aims of the project are to relieve congestion on the existing main feeder lines with a large-scale shift of rail freight traffic heading for Austria to the Eastern Corridor and to improve the utilization of existing tracks by making more efficient use of the Eastern Corridor. Electrification is expected to improve operating quality and increase capacity.

The Marktredwitz–Regensburg line is divided into three planning sections.
DB Engineering & Consulting (DB E&C) is working on two of them – Regensburg Main Station to Irrenlohe and Irrenlohe to Weiden.

The main objective of this project is to electrify the line in the Marktredwitz–Weiden section, the Weiden–Regensburg section and the Regensburg Ost–Regensburg Hafenbrücke.
The scope of planning is justified by the improvement to operational quality, reduced travel times, the elimination of bottlenecks and increased capacity to accommodate the number of trains forecast for 2030.

Project information

  • Upgrade and electrification of the double-track Marktredwitz–Regensburg line taking account of the traction power supply
  • All measures required for electrification carried out on existing infrastructure facilities and subsystems
    • permanent way
    • structural engineering
    • control-command and signaling systems
    • railroad crossings, 50 Hz
    • telecommunications
    • stations and electromechanical interfaces (control-command and signaling systems, telecommunications) to neighboring operating locations
  • Consideration of interfaces with adjacent, predominantly single-track lines
  • Capacity-increasing measures to accommodate rail traffic in line with the number of trains forecast for 2030
  • Consideration of all tangential measures on the Southern Eastern Corridor and on tangential routes
  • Extension of existing passing sidings for 740 m trains and construction of new passing sidings for 740 m trains
  • ETCS L2 with increased number of ETCS signal blocks in the form of 500 m long half block sections along line 5860
  • Measures to ensure compliance with noise limits according to the Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Pollution Control Act (16. BImSchV)
  • Construction of escape routes and circulation routes including lighting in compliance with regulations as necessary measures for commissioning
  • Planning of DB S&S measures at the stations in Nabburg, Irrenlohe and Schwandorf
  • Underground cable installation
  • Drainage
  • Passenger stations
  • Railroad Crossing Safety Systems
  • Power supply systems
  • Upgrade, modernization, repair and revitalization of existing route
  • European Train Control System (ETCS)
  • Overhead line
  • Environmental planning:
    • environmental impact study
    • Analysis of animal habitats in the planning area
    • Environmental impact mitigation plan
  • BIM client information requirements


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