Upgraded line Berlin – Dresden and refurbishment of Doberlug-Kirchhain station, Germany

As part of the second construction stage of the upgraded line between Berlin and Dresden, the platform installations at the multi-level interchange station will be modernized and new connecting stairways and lifts will be installed.

The “Doberlug-Kirchhain upper-level station refurbishment” project is a further step towards realizing a continuous speed of 200 km/h on the Berlin–Elsterwerda line, complementing both the overall concept of the line and the reduction of travel time between Berlin and Dresden. The Doberlug-Kirchhain planning section consists of approx. 5 km of long-distance track and the Doberlug-Kirchhain multi-level interchange station.  The multi-level interchange station is divided into an upper-level station for the Berlin–Dresden line and a lower-level station for the Halle–Guben line. As the lower-level Halle–Guben line has to be lowered, there is an additional rebuilding area of approx. 1 km of the double-track long-distance line. The project was planned in its different service phases using BIM methodology.

Project information

  • Structural measures to increase line speed to 200 km/h
    • Renewal of the grade separation structure and adjustment of the Berlin–Dresden line section in accordance with the track layout design and adjustment of the Halle–Guben line in the reconstruction area of the grade separation structure
    • Renewal of Doberlug-Kirchhain station
  • Road traffic routes
    • Type: national main road, connecting road
  • Transport infrastructure: rail
    • Underground cable installation
    • Drainage
    • Permanent way/civil and underground engineering
      • Ballast
      • Number of tracks: 2
      • Length of the rail line: approx. 5 km Berlin–Dresden line, approx. 1 km Halle–Guben line
      • Design speed: 200 km/h (Berlin–Dresden), 120 km/h Halle–Guben
      • Type of transport: passenger and freight
  • Station
    • Project type: new replacement
    • Station type: regional station
    • Number of platform edges: 4
    • Number of passengers/day: 2250
    • Planned project: platform installation and access routes
  • Module buildings for switchgear
  • Building systems engineering
    • Infrastructure: telecommunication systems and installation-related systems
  • Technical plant/equipment
    • Installations: 4 elevators
  • Line upgrade
    •  Length of line: 5 km
    • Electrified
    • Design speed: 200 km/h
    • Number of tracks: 2
    • Number of stops: 1
  • Bridge
    • Number of bridges: 6
    • Project type: new replacement
    • Type of construction: reinforced concrete, steel
    • Bridge type: rigid frame bridge, steel trough
    • Number of planned tracks: 2
  • European Train Control System (ETCS)
  • Overhead line
    • Project type: new replacement
    • Type: standard type
    • Length of line: 5 km
    • Number of bridges/tunnels: 6
    • Permitted speed: 200 km/h
    • Type: single mast construction
    • Number of tracks: 2
  • Lighting equipment
  • Geotechnical engineering
    • Geotechnical investigation, foundation consulting, geotechnical consulting
  • Surveying
    • Surveying: pre-construction surveying, design surveying
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Scope of services

  • BIM planning for the following subsystems
    • Transport facilities
    • Nonbuilding structures
    • Supporting structure planning
    • Trackside equipment (CCS, overhead line equipment, 50Hz, telecommunications)
    • Plant, machinery and equipment
    • Building construction
  • Surveying and BIM as-built modeling
  • Geotechnical consulting with geotechnical investigation
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