Expansion line Hanover – Berlin, Germany

April 29, 2020 – 9:36 am

Route 6107, known as the Berlin–Lehrte railway, runs for 239 kilometers from Lehrte near Hanover to Berlin-Spandau. It will be modernized and upgraded in two phases. In 2016, due to the condition of the slab track on the high-speed rail line, the project was included in the top level of priority in the 2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan.

The route section between Vorsfelde and Wustermark will be electrified throughout, and the line speed increased to 160 km/h. Between Ribbeck Junction and Bamme Junction, route 6107 currently lacks its own track. Dedicated track will therefore be laid here. The Berlin-Spandau–Oebisfelde (6185) high-speed line will be upgraded to 250 km/h on this section. Crossovers between the two routes are planned at Ribbeck Junction, Schönhausen/Schönhauser Damm, Gardelegen, Nahrstedt Junction and at the junction at km 262.0 between Miesterhorst and Oebisfelde stations. Passing tracks with a usable length of 740 m will also be installed at Gardelegen and Oebisfelde stations.

Scope of services:

  • Project design for transport facilities
  • Site design for engineering structures
  • Supporting structure planning for engineering structures
  • Rail engineering equipment
    – Overhead line equipment
    – Electrical power systems (50 Hz)
    – Control-command and signaling systems
    – Telecommunications systems
  • Environmental impact study
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