S-Bahn core route tunnel Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Modernization of the control-command and signaling of the tunnel section with electronic interlocking technology to increase the route capacity and stabilize operations in the S-Bahn network.

  • 154 new signals
  • 7 stations
  • Hundreds of test devices
  • 6 km tunnel section

Scope of services:

  • Engineering planning across all disciplines and 30 PT1 plans
  • stage-of-construction and construction-operations planning
  • design timing management, design review, acceptance and expert authorized to submit construction documents services pursuant to VV Bau STE
  • construction supervision services pursuant to VV Bau or VV Bau-STE of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) (rail construction supervisor), engineering authorized individual
  • interface coordination regarding adjacent projects
  • construction supervision and supervision of external planners.
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