Wunderline: From Bremen to the Netherlands in two and a half hours

The Wunderline project (Construction stage 1) was initiated by the Dutch province of Groningen. The aim is to implement a fast, reliable, convenient, and innovative rail link from Groningen to Bremen via Ihrhove, Leer, and Oldenburg. The project is intended to create a better, more sustainable link – in terms of both business and tourism – between the two important European regions of Weser-Ems on the German side and Groningen on the Dutch side. It is also intended to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and culture in northern Germany and the Netherlands and act as a catalyst for business and the labor market.

On the fastest route, the travel time between Groningen and Bremen was 2:43 h until the Friesenbrücke bridge was closed. With a constant line speed up to 120 km/h between Ihrhove and the Dutch border, travel time between Groningen and Bremen can be cut to 2:28 h.

The Wunderline project involves planning speed increases through route optimization in the existing network in HOAI phases 1 to 4. The project contract includes infrastructure design, surveying, ground-penetrating radar, geotechnical engineering, environmental impact design, control command and signaling design plus construction of a new signal box in Ihrhove.

The commissioning of the line (construction stage 1) is targeted for the end of 2024.

Information about the “Wunderline” project: https://wunderline.nl/en/.

Project information

  • Planning speed increases on existing lines
  • Track upgrade up to 120 km/h incl. changes to track geometry and track height
  • Surveying incl. aerial survey by drone and recording of an as-built point cloud
  • Geotechnical examinations incl. probing and evaluation
  • Design of 27 railroad crossings
  • Design of 6 railroad overpasses and 17 drainage channels
  • Planning of a new electronic interlocking system in Ihrhove an a subcenter in Leer
  • Design of a new block adjustment

Scope of Services

  • Design work HOAI phases 1–4
    • Transport facilities
    • Control-command and signaling
    • Electrical and overhead line equipment
    • Geotechnical engineering/foundation soil
    • Environmental impact design
    • Ground-penetrating radar
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