Working model of the new ICE maintenance depot Dortmund

Construction of a new ICE maintenance depot Dortmund

A second additional ICE maintenace depot, located to the west of the Port of Dortmund, will be built on the 28-hectare site of a derelict yard by 2027. DB Fernverkehr’s new maintenance depot will be one hundred percent carbon neutral and supplied by renewable energy sources, using a solar thermal system for heating and hot water, for example.

At the heart of the project is the construction of an approximately 480-meter-long maintenance shed with four tracks including ancillary shops, warehouses and an administrative and staff building.

The planned outdoor facilities will comprise four covered interior cleaning platforms, which will also include any necessary supply and disposal facilities. An exterior cleaning facility is also planned. In addition, a logistics hall will supply on-board services. To facilitate light maintenance of ICE trains, the design provides for the installation of an underfloor wheel lathe (UWL), ultrasound/light section/measuring beam facility and camera portal.

In addition to the necessary rail infrastructure, the depot’s internal logistics will also comprise secondary material yards, delivery and drop-off zones, parking areas for industrial trucks as well as parking spaces and bicycle spaces for employees. The construction project also includes all modifications to DB Netz facilities, especially with regard to control-command and signaling and the overhead line network.

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Project information

  • Construction of a carbon-neutral ICE maintenance depot for light maintenance of up to 17 ICE trains per day
  • Maintenance shed with four tracks for trains up to 400 m in length
  • Treatment plants for light maintenance of ICE trains (exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, supply and disposal, corrective maintenance, wheelset profiling)
  • Stabling of trains overnighting in Dortmund
  • Total investment in the region of EUR 400 million, creating up to 500 new jobs
  • The project area is 3,300 m in length.
  • The maintenance depot site is approximately 2,000 m in length.
  • A 480-meter-long maintenance shed with warehouses, maintenance shops, an administrative and staff wing, logistics hall for on-board services, exterior cleaning facility, underfloor wheel lathe (UWL), ultrasound/light section/measuring beam facility and four interior cleaning platforms
  • Retaining walls and a railroad overpass
  • Signal box (electronic interlocking)
  • Operations control computer
  • Construction of a new medium-voltage supply network
  • Fire water hydrant network and fire water cistern


  • Overall design management services with the following technical disciplines:
    • Building construction
    • Plant, machinery and equipment (both on the track and in the maintenance shops)
    • Building systems engineering (heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing)
    • Electrical equipment
    • IT infrastructure
    • Building automation
    • Fire water supply
    • Energy and heat supply concept
    • Transport facilities
    • Overhead line equipment
    • Control-command and signaling
    • Structural engineering
    • Georadar survey
    • Operational requirements specification for the DB Netz interface
    • As-built survey by means of terrestrial recording and drone usage
    • Coordination of the designs provided

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