Frankfurt hub – Design work for Frankfurt/Main Süd station

The Frankfurt/Main Süd through station (FFS) is located in Frankfurt am Main, in the district of Sachsenhausen. It is one of four long-distance stations in this major city and an important stop for local and long-distance passenger trains.

In order to disentangle traffic at Frankfurt Süd station, the platform edges will be modified in the platform area. At the Schlachthof grade separation structure, a junction is planned for arrivals from Frankfurt East onto the northern platform tracks. This will avoid crossing conflicts with the Frankfurt South-Aschaffenburg line. The integration of track 10 will also optimize future operations on the Frankfurt Stadium-Frankfurt South link. In a further step, the switch connections at the west and east ends will be modified to improve the approach.

In the future, these measures will help improve punctuality by eliminating crossing conflicts and secondary conflicts, introducing clustering and the direction-dependent systematization of journeys, and untangling traffic flows.

Planned expansion as part of the Frankfurt RheinMainplus concept

The Frankfurt hub is being expanded as part of the Frankfurt RheinMainplus program (FRMplus). The program aims to improve the performance of the rail network in the Rhine-Main region. To equip the Rhine-Main region for the mobility requirements of tomorrow, the State of Hesse, the City of Frankfurt am Main, the Rhine-Main Transit Authority and Deutsche Bahn, under the leadership of DB Netz AG, have joined forces to form the Frankfurt RheinMainplus program, which is set to implementnumerous infrastructure projects in the region.


  • Design work: basic evaluation and initial planning using the BIM planning method
  • Project design for transport facilities
  • Project design for structural engineering
  • Project design for technical trackside equipment (telecommunications/overhead line equipment/control-command and signaling systems/50 Hz)
  • Surveying incl. aerial survey by drone and recording of an as-built point cloud
  • Preparation of an as-built model using the BIM planning method
  • Geotechnical and as-built investigations
  • Environmental analyses
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