Rail link for the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link

The idea of the shortest connection between Scandinavia and Germany has fascinated people for generations – and is now being realized through the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project, also known as the FBQ project.

A sub-project on the German side concerns the seaport hinterland connection: the existing single-track Lübeck–Puttgarden line will be doubled up over a distance of approx. 88 km so that speeds of up to 200 km/h can be achieved. Modernization work will include 90 new bridges, six new stops, complete electrification along the line and the roll-out of a new train protection system, ETCS Level 2 (which does not use lineside signals).

DB Engineering & Consulting has already provided services for DB Netz as a part of the FBQ Project. For example, in 2013 an optimized route was identified deviating from the existing route (land development assessment procedure). The route identified for the land development assessment procedure was considered in the initial planning and implemented in the design.

DB E&C is currently working on the final design and planning for building permit application for the German section of the line. The plans also include noise and vibration mitigation measures which go above and beyond minimum legal requirements and for which the German parliament has earmarked some EUR 232 million.

Project information

  • 9 planning approval sections from Lübeck to Puttgarden
  • Submission of planning for building permit application: 05/2017–12/2022
  • Submission of final design: 06/2018–12/2023
  • 17 design locations involved
  • Monthly approx. 100 employees involved
  • Complete electrification
  • Double-track upgrade/construction of the line
  • Passing sidings 900 m in length (presumed freight trains L = 835 m)
  • Constructing of 6 new stops
  • Construction of 90 new bridges, adjustments to existing bridges
  • Refurbishment work at Lübeck Süd yard
  • Trackside equipment with ETCS Level 2 without lineside signals, construction of 6 new electronic interlocking outdoor units

Services from 2008-2016

  • Basic evaluation
  • Initial planning with cost estimate
  • Completion of initial planning (technical planning) for the upgrade of the existing line with the Neustadt i.H. and Oldenburg i.H. bypasses. (March 2010)
  • Drafting of (technical aspects) of the document for the application conference on the land development assessment procedure (June 2010)
  • Drafting of the (technical aspects) of the application document for the land development assessment procedure (Nov. 2010–Dec. 2012)
  • Technical support for the land development assessment procedure with drafting of comments until May 2014
  • Revision of the initial planning (technical) taking into account the state planning assessment
  • An optimized route for the land development assessment procedure was considered in the initial planning in May 2015 and implemented in the design

Services from 2016

  • Final design and planning for building permit application
  • General planning coordination and control including cost control
  • Project design and technical design for:
    • Transport facility design (rail, road, drainage)
    • Structural engineering
    • Control-command and signaling and telecommunications systems
    • Overhead line systems, traction power systems and electrical engineering
  • Surveying and track layout services
  • Geotechnical planning support
  • Construction scheduling and construction logistics
  • Other services (company-internal approval and case-by-case approval, safety authorization planning, drafts for German Rail Crossings Act (EBKrV)

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