New urban railway line S4 (Eastern) Hamburg – Bad Oldesloe, Germany

April 29, 2020 – 2:33 pm

The S-Bahn Hamburg connects junctions such as the main railway station or Hamburg Airport with public transport and connects the entire metropolitan region to the network of the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV). The S-Bahn Hamburg operates with 6 lines on a network of 68 stations and a length of 147 kilometres. The federal states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg and the Deutsche Bahn AG want to jointly create an S-Bahn line from Bad Oldesloe to Hamburg: the S4 line.

The route between Hamburg and Bad Oldesloe is one of the busiest routes around Hamburg and the most heavily used route in Schleswig-Holstein. The construction of two additional S-Bahn tracks between Hamburg-Hasselbrook and Ahrensburg and from Ahrensburg to Ahrensburg – Gartenholz is planned.

Scope of services:

  • LP3: Design planning and cost calculation
  • LP4: Approval planning
  • Planning traffic facilities
  • Planning of control and security technology
  • Planning electrical power systems
  • Planning of overhead line systems / conductor rail S-Bahn
  • Subsoil expertise incl. geotechnical consulting
  • Planning of construction phases / construction operations
  • Planning Coordination
  • Cost and risk analysis
  • Examination VEP
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