Rail project Stuttgart-Ulm, Germany

July 22, 2020 – 1:06 pm

Redesign of Stuttgart railway junction with conversion of Stuttgart main station terminus into an underground through station (Stuttgart 21) and a new Wendlingen-Ulm rail line with a connection to Stuttgart Airport.

  • Stuttgart railway junction
    • 4 stations, 18 bridges,
    • 57 km rail line with a 33 km tunnel
  • New Wendlingen–Ulm rail line
    • 59.6 km rail line with a 30 km tunnel
    • 37 bridges, 250 km/h maximum speed
  • Long-distance railway tunnel
    • with underground station concourse
    • 4 tracks (420 m), 8 platforms

Scope of services:

Surveying, site planning for transport facilities and engineering structures, structural planning, specialist planning for railway equipment, environmental planning, construction operations planning, services of experts authorized to submit construction documents in accordance with VVBau/VVBau-STE, expert design review and acceptance test in accordance with VVBau-STE, building-control, railway-operational and specialist-technical construction supervision in various planning approval sections. Overall planning and planning coordination for the demolition of the Stuttgart main station throat after start of operations in S21.

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